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Cub Kuker Supernatural · Mythōs Academy Membership (Yearly)

Cub Kuker Supernatural · Mythōs Academy Membership

Access everything in the previous tier PLUS a vast Video Lesson Library featuring hundreds of my teachings. Elevate your skills with my Supernatural Pro Trainings, master my Quantum Manifesting Method, and delve into my Proprietary Mythology Study Method. Upgrade to Mythōs Academy Membership and unlock your supernatural potential!

You get access to my:

  1. Private Community
  2. Insider Bonus Videos
  3. Weekly Virtual Meetups 
  4. Virtual Meetup Re-plays
  5. 500+ Video Lesson Library
  6. Supernatural Practitioner Training
  7. Quantum Manifesting Frameworks
  8. Proprietary Mythology Study Method 

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What People Are Saying:

Cub is genuine, knowledgeable and empowers others to see beyond limitations and dogma. He challenges us to keep moving forward in light and love towards all things; the community is caring and respectful of each other. I am able to gain insight, learn and develop online friendships. I know I am developing connections because when someone isn’t active for a bit of time I notice. Above all, Cub looks after the community, he participates, provides support and assignments; I think it’s very beneficial and I have never seen anything like it before.

Lissa H.

First opinion of Cub... Finally somebody that thinks just like me. Finally somebody's seeing the clear picture as I am trying too. Finally somebody here that can help me put the puzzle together. He helps make sense of things I don't understand.

Merle C.

Cub is an incredible leader that creates a safe environment for individuals to explore different religions. He is constantly studying ancient texts and new books to share with the group. He encourages everyone to ask questions and do their own research. If you are searching for the truth, join our awesome soul tribe where you can discuss different topics with likeminded people.

Shelly W.