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Cub Kuker Supernatural Mystery School

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Level 1


Cub Kuker Supernatural Mystery School

Courses & Content:

  • Massive¬†video lesson library
  • Complete podcast archives
  • Secret esoterica blog
  • Supporter Status

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Level 2


Cub Kuker Supernatural Mystery School

Community & Calls:

  • 11a-ct group Zoom every¬†Sat.
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You Will Learn Hidden Mysteries & Forbidden Knowledge!

Whether you're new to ancient mysteries or already passionate about them, I will help you reach the next level through my Mystery Vault courses and engaging discussions in the Mentor Group.


Life Force

Learn to acknowledge, feel, and channel the sacred "Life Force" within you. Just as Jesus said "the Kingdom of God is within you"!

Sacred Texts

Uncover profound truths by illuminating sacred texts like the "Holy Bible" the "Books of Enoch", "Sumerian Tablets" and more.

Spiritual Warfare

Triumph in spiritual battles by harnessing the phrase "Ye Are gods" and claiming your authority as a spiritual warrior.

5D Economics

Adopt the "5D Earth" economy of renewable and ethical buying, selling and trading by co-creating with others and Mother Earth.

Forbidden Knowledge

You will unlock "Forbidden Knowledge", including esoteric symbolism and mythos, by reframing life as a dreamy narrative journey.

Ancient Astronauts

Decipher the "Anunnaki" and "Elohim.": Are we part of a cosmic battle, or are we subjects in some sort of alien experiment?


What's Inside?!

When you become a member, you will access a growing database of knowledge! As well as gain increasing access as an advanced member to vibrant discussions, and close mentorship with myself and others.


My blog is regularly updated with sacred texts, my personal study notes, and special news articles pertaining to our modern world in the ancient mysteries, including prophetic updates.

*Included with basic membership


I have created dozens of courses and hundreds of unreleased videos to take you much deeper into the ancient mysteries. My platform is on demand and go at your own pace.

*Included with premium membership


Grassroots off-social feed of individuals learning and growing together. Access our Saturday live Zoom call discussions, which typically last between one and three hours.

*Included with advanced membership


What People Are Saying

My students' success speaks volumes.

"If you have felt lost, outcast, or alone in your beliefs, then come and experience our virtual community. We love all, respect all, and accept all that are truly seeking the supreme source in all love. You can learn more about our origins and truths than anywhere else because Cub goes to the source."

Molli D.

"First opinion of Cub... Finally, somebody that thinks just like me. Finally, somebody's seeing the clear picture as I am trying to. Finally, somebody here that can help me put the puzzle together. He helps make sense of things I don't understand."

Merle C.

"This is the third online spiritual community I’ve chosen to become a part of. My experience here with Cub and this community has blown the other two out of the water. The overall feeling of love and acceptance permeates through every video, every comment, and every interaction."

Ashley W.

"Cub is a seeker of truth. Instead of accepting what is handed down to us through tradition, he questions and seeks beyond the status quo, as should we all. Cub shares what he finds, not from a position of authority but as a neighbor, that we may all rise to who we are born to be."

Martin H.

"Cub is an incredible leader that creates a safe environment for individuals to explore different religions. He is constantly studying ancient texts and new books to share with the group. He encourages everyone to ask questions and do their own research."

Shelly W.

"This community is open-minded and like-minded and has helped me look at all this stuff in a much wider perspective. The community I have found is very loving and intelligent and passionate about what they represent. I found Cub in the midst of really searching."

Michael A.

"Cub is genuine, knowledgeable and empowers others to see beyond limitations and dogma. He challenges us to keep moving forward in light and love towards all things; the community is caring and respectful of each other. I am able to gain insight, learn and develop online friendships."

Lissa H.

"I love Cub's passion for truth and his desire to bring others alongside him. His community is safe to explore one's self and encouraging to those experiencing doubt, confusion, or fear."

Heather C.

"You won’t find a more comprehensive course on finding yourself spiritually and the resources to become an amazing digital content creator."

Steven S.

About My Mission.

"I am an artist, director, musician, content creator, animal lover, nature enthusiast, and spiritual mystic. Ever since I was a kid, I have experienced the supernatural in ways I can't always explain. I am now using that experience to bring the sacred mysteries to life via retelling ancient stories through my content. Let's explore the unknown together." - Jacob Kuker (Cub)


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