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Welcome to my Supernatural Mastermind & Mystery Academy—a gathering of hearts and minds uniting to unlock your potential as part of the Christ-conscious collective!

My Mastermind offers unparalleled support for spiritual growth. I'll help you break down limiting beliefs and access your authentic supernatural power. As a member, you'll engage in weekly group coaching calls, community discussions, supernatural courses, monthly challenges, and have priority messaging with me.

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Engage in meaningful discussions free from social media drama within a family-friendly, positive feed. You're never alone in your journey, and communal connections will provide support every step of the way.

Coaching Calls

Weekly group coaching calls foster spiritual growth and cultivate genuine connections, offering authentic open conversations that keep you motivated every week. Includes access to past call archive.


Delve even deeper into some of my wild theories that you won't find anywhere else online! It's a unique opportunity to go further down the rabbit hole with me and learn what I can't say on social media.


Explore a wide array of supernatural topics alongside practical applications of spirituality. Learn at your own pace, from anywhere, with access to hundreds of meticulously crafted lessons created by me.


Monthly challenges, specifically designed as manifestation accountability to keep you on target toward your goals. Participate and level up, joining with others in mutual encouragement on a similar journeys. 


Direct message priority access to my inbox on our community platform. I'm always here to support you in any way that I can, guiding you to find what you are looking for and keeping you encouraged on your spiritual journey.

My Supernatural Blueprint.

Designed to unlock your supernatural power via ancient mystic principles and my unique chakra system philosophy woven into every part of my mastermind membership. As a member I'll guide you to unlock the nine energy centers within your metaphysical body to empower your ascension journey as we connect them to mythos and esoterica of the ancient past. This blueprint is continually being updated, and the full book is available only to members while the free version is available in it's condensed form.

My unique supernatural blueprint focuses on unlocking nine specific levels of your inner being in ascending order from earth to sky: education (earth), occupation (root), creation (sacral), motivation (solar plexus), regeneration (heart), communication (throat), imagination (third eye), revelation (crown), and collaboration (soul/sky).


Real Member Testimonials.

Molli D.

"If you have felt lost, outcast or alone in your beliefs then come and experience our virtual community. We love all, respect all, and accept all that are TRUELY seeking the Supreme Source in all love. You can learn more about our origins and truths than anywhere else because Cub goes to the Source."

Martin H.

"Cub is a seeker of truth. Instead of accepting what is handed down to us through tradition, he questions and seeks beyond the status quo, as should we all. Cub shares what he finds, not from a position of authority but as a neighbor, that we may all rise to who we are born to be."

Ashley W.

"This is the third online spiritual community I’ve chosen to become a part of. My experience here with Cub and this community has blown the other two out of the water. The overall feeling of love and acceptance permeates through every video, every comment, and every interaction."

Merle C.

"First opinion of Cub... Finally somebody that thinks just like me. Finally somebody's seeing the clear picture as I am trying too. Finally somebody here that can help me put the puzzle together. He helps make sense of things I don't understand."

Shelly W.

"Cub is an incredible leader that creates a safe environment for individuals to explore different religions. He is constantly studying ancient texts and new books to share with the group. He encourages everyone to ask questions and do their own research."

Micheal A.

"This community is open-minded and like-minded and has helped me look at all this stuff in a much wider perspective. The community I have found is very loving and intelligent and passionate about what they represent. I found Cub in the midst of really searching."

I'm Your Supernatural Guide.

As a new-school mystic, I help individuals deconstruct limiting beliefs and unlock authentic power and potential. With extensive professional experience in ministry, entertainment production, and professional development, I've merged these realms into Cub Kuker Supernatural. I'm deeply passionate about all things supernatural, finding peace in both mother nature and within the depths of the mind and heart. If you're ready to embrace authenticity and explore the unknown, I'd be honored to have you join me. I believe in our interconnectedness, so let's unite and see what unfolds. - Jacob Kuker (Cub)


Access Exclusive Courses & Content.

Welcome To Your Community.

Why choose my mastermind? While you may be familiar with platforms like Patreon, supporter memberships, mentor clubs, etc., what you truly need is a membership that's all about you! That's why I've designed my Mastermind Membership to cater to collective needs and address the biggest challenges you're facing in today's world.

Everywhere you turn, negative thoughts and ideas bombard you from TV screens to social media feeds. My promise is to inundate you with positive thoughts and ideas, keeping you focused and accountable to your dreams and goals.

I'll connect you with a community of open-minded, supportive members to aid you on your journey. I'm committed to serving you at the highest level, surpassing any other content creator membership or group spiritual mentor program. If my message resonates with you, I encourage you to invest in yourself and give it a try today.

If you find it's not the right fit, you can cancel your membership anytime within your account, no questions asked.


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  • Weekly group video calls
  • Past video call archives
  • Private community hub
  • Member-only content
  • 100s of video lessons
  • Monthly challenges
  • Direct chat with me

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