Jacob Kuker (Cub)


👽 Jacob Kuker (Cub) is a Full-time Content Creator specializing in the Authentic Exploration of the Supernatural via his daily 'Livestream Podcast' and short-form content. 
🌍 He has amassed an audience over multiple platforms in excess of 700,000+ in less than a year and is quickly becoming one of the top creators within the spirituality space online.
🎙️ He was named one of the top 10% of most followed podcasters for 2022 in the "Religion & Spirituality" niche and released more content than 98% of the other creators within his category on Spotify.
🧘 His approach to ascension and enlightenment is a blend of eastern traditions, metaphysics, paranormal phenomenon and the  'Actual Teachings of Jesus'.
🌈 He values an open heart and an open mind with the utmost focus on inclusion of people of all race, religion, orientation.
🐦‍⬛ His wildly popular membership called 'Mythōs' is designed to engage and challenge each individual who is ready to go 'Down The Rabbit Hole' and search for truth and develop a deeper understanding of the of Supernatural Realms.
🔮 His programs focus on personal spiritual practices and ultimately reveal our individual place in the universe as a part of ONE as well as our authority as co-creators of the Supreme Consciousness. 

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