Jacob Kuker (Cub)


Jacob Kuker (Cub) is an Entertainer / Enlightener specializing in the exploration of the Supernatural via his daily livestream and short-form content. 

He has amassed an audience over multiple platforms in excess of 600,000+ in less than a year and is quickly becoming one of the top creators within the spirituality space online.

He was named one of the top 10% of most followed podcasters for 2022 in the "Religion & Spirituality" niche and released more content than 98% of the other creators within his category on Spotify.

His approach to ascension and enlightenment is a blend of eastern traditions, metaphysics, paranormal phenomenon and the teachings of Jesus.

He values an open heart and an open mind with the utmost focus on inclusion of people of all race, religion, orientation.

His wildly popular programs are designed to engage and challenge each individual who is ready to go all in on their "higher-self" and develop a deeper understanding of the magic of the Supernatural Self.

His programs focus on personal spiritual practices and ultimately reveal our individual place in the universe as a part of ONE as well as our authority as co-creators of the Supreme Being.